Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Ain't She a Beaut'?

Finally got it.

Pawn Endings: Mini-circle #3

Completed 380 out of 380

Mini-circle #3: 72%
Mini-circle #2: 69%
Mini-circle #1: 68%

I'm starting to see a little more progress on the pawn endings. Also, I'm picking up on some of the strategic ideas (e.g., blockade, sacrifice, etc.) in my own (mainly blitz) games.

The Chess Mentor Has Returned!

I don't know what was up with the restructuring of Aficianado, but, more importantly, Chess Mentor is back. This is, perhaps, my most favorite chess software, and I'm so glad to see it back on the market. Truly a good product (and I'm not paid to endorse it)! I notice that it no longer lists the company as Aficianado, Inc., but merely Chess Mentor. I'm wondering if that means Art Wang (who I believe originated the software) sold it to a 3rd party.