Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Pawn Endings Resumed

Beginning last weekend, I have completed 2 mini-circles of pawn endings. I'm quite pleased with my performance compared to what I was able to do last year (see prior posts from that time period).

1st mini-circle: 73%, Convekta ELO*: 2303
2nd mini-circle: 75% Convekta ELO*: 2307
3rd mini-circle: 78% Convekta ELO*: 2323
4th mini-circle: 79% Convekta ELO*: 2330
5th mini-circle: 82% Convekta ELO*: 2353
6th mini-circle: 84% Convekta ELO*: 2392
7th mini-circle: 86% Convekta ELO*: 2381
8th mini-circle: 89% Convekta ELO*: 2419**

*To those unfamiliar with Convekta software, as you work through problems, you establish an ELO. In my opinion, there is little bearing between this rating and a person's true chess skill. However, it's a good way to monitor progress.

** Final Mini-circle

Sunday, November 11, 2007

A Man Has An Idea

The idea attracts others, like-minded. The idea expands. The idea becomes an institution. - Top Dollar